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Through the tender mercy of our God, whereby the dayspring from on high hath visited us,” Luke 1:78 Dayspring Baptist Church was organized on May 15, 1884 by Rev. Charles Middleton, a member of Bethel Baptist Institutional Church. After receiving the consent of Bethel Baptist Institutional, he and the following persons proceeded with the organization of Dayspring:  D. Gray, Richmond Williams, Jerry and Martha Bradford, Henry Goffrey, George Mays and John Sowell. The church was located on the corner of Bloxam and Clay Streets. Rev. Middleton served as Pastor for one year before submitting his resignation to serve in a larger field. Rev. H.C. Williams was ordained by the church and became the next Pastor.  

Rev. Williams led the Dayspring flock for 35 years before passing. Under his administration the Jefferson Street land was purchased in 1894 and a frame structure erected and served as the church edifice for 46 years.  Under Rev. Williams’ leadership, the Deacon Board, Sunday School, Deaconess Board, Trustee Board, Usher Board, Baptist Young People Union and the Home Missionary Society were established. After the death of Rev. Williams, the church called Rev. E. Payne of Winston-Salem, N.C.  During his pastorate a parsonage was built and furnished. Rev. Payne resigned after eight years. In 1927 the church called Rev. J. M. Bing. Rev. Bing was known as the “Son of Thunder” because of his evangelistic gift. During his administration the balcony was erected to accommodate the continued growth of the Dayspring fellowship.  Rev Bing served faithfully for eight years. In 1937, on the first Sunday in January, Rev. Cyrus Augustus Weaver preached his first sermon and was unanimously called to pastor Dayspring.  Rev. Weaver was a dreamer, builder, counselor and preacher. He served faithfully for 45 years before passing on March 4, 1982. Among his many accomplishments was the expansion of the Music Ministry –  Choir # 4, Female, Male and Gospel Choruses, Usher Board and the establishment of Nurses Guild, Young Men’s Christian Council, C.A. Weaver Club, Mission Circle, and Laymen’s Movement. Expansion and renovation of the physical plant included:  a new Dayspring edifice with three choir stands, educational building which included the dining and kitchen facilities, Sunday School rooms, balcony expansion, purchase of three parcels of land, speaker system, a new organ and pianos, established the Dayspring Kindergarten Child Care and organization of the Bus Ministry. While ill, The Holy Spirit directed Rev. Weaver to invite Rev. James Anderson Oliver to help.  After the demise of Rev. Weaver, Rev. James Anderson Oliver was appointed Interim Pastor of Dayspring. He served with humility and fortitude. The church grew spiritually and financially under his leadership.   Shortly afterwards, the Dayspring church began a search for a permanent Pastor. After much prayer the church met and extended the call for Rev. Oliver to become the Pastor. Under his guidance and leadership, more improvements to the physical structure took place and additional ministries were born. Rev. Oliver served for 19 months before passing on December 1, 1984.  Some of his accomplishments included: the creation of a music ministry that included a Mass Choir and Minister of Music, establishment of the Summer Youth Program, organization of a new member’s class, formation of the Finance, Benevolent, Advisory and Education Committees. On the Thursday night before the First Sunday in July 1985, Rev. Moses Javis of St. Louis, Missouri was called to assume the pastorate of Dayspring.  

Rev. Javis was a leader of distinction whose preparation, proclamation, and priorities were unparalleled. Rev. Javis was committed to excellence and through his leadership multiple meaningful learning and worship experiences were developed. Rev. Javis focused on the growth and development of “disciples” in the church fellowship. Listed are several of the innovations he launched during his tenure: Disciples Network (Birth Month/Sheepfold Ministry), Senior Citizens Ministry, Soul Winning and Training (SWAT), Restructure and  revamp of Deacon’s Ministry (Diaconate), Creation of  Commission of Christian Education and Planning Council, establishment of the James Weldon Johnson Institute, Children’s Worship, joint ministry with St. Joseph Baptist Church, Food Pantry, Project SPIRIT, Project HOPE, Black Bottom Human Development Corporation, Initiation of Family Vacation Bible School, Wonderful Wednesday Fellowship and the Dayspring Childcare Center. He also recognized the spiritual gifts of all disciples void of gender in the ordained ministers and deacons. In the year 2000, through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, much prayer and the exercising of faith, the Dayspring congregation voted to move from its current location. The church desired to move to an area of the city where growth and development was occurring and where our witnessing of the Good News of Jesus Christ could be continued. On December 10, 2001, the church purchased approximately 28 acres of property at 5654 Dunn Avenue. Rev. Javis retired from full- time ministry on November 30, 2003 after serving more than 18 years with this fellowship. We are thankful for his vision, his willingness to lead us, and the risk he took in providing opportunities to all disciples. 

February 7, 2005 the call was extended by the church to a son of Dayspring, Rev. Dr. Jeffrey K. Rumlin. His zeal, commitment and enthusiasm are evident as he proclaims the Gospel, conducts Bible Study, and attends to the spiritual needs of the congregation. One of the first tasks that Dr. Rumlin had to assume was the relocation of Dayspring from 1053 Jefferson Street to the current location. A young man full of vigor and new ideas, the church began to grow in membership and ministries. Dr. Rumlin’s visionary leadership, prophetic preaching and insightful teachings have led the church into a “New Day at Dayspring”. In a short time, Dr. Rumlin has expanded the Music Ministry, created Dayspring Outreach Ministries.  He also reinstituted Children’s Church, established Youth Explosion Sunday, restructured the Children’s, Youth and Young Adult Ministries into separate ministries and established the Dayspring Christian Academy and Preschool. The following ministries have also been birthed: New Member’s Class, Media, Hospitality Ministry, Daughters of Dayspring Youth and Adult Dancers, Health Ministry, Marriage Ministry and Voices of Dayspring Praise Team.  Dr. Rumlin is currently leading the congregation to become “Vision Catchers”.  The Vision Catchers campaign is a strategic plan that will pay off the current church mortgage and develop our 28 acres of land into productive ministry opportunities. We pay homage to the men and women who have availed themselves to the will of God and allowed us the opportunity to come together in Christian love to worship, fellowship learn and live the word of God. We praise and thank God for Dayspring.  More specifically, we thank God for what Dayspring has been, what Dayspring is and what Dayspring will become.

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